Private Housing

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Private Housing

If you are interested in finding accommodation in private housing, the below  external private websites may help you in your search.

Please be aware that Rennes is a university town, as such it can be difficult to find accommodation. It is therefore strongly advised to start your search as early as possible.

House flat-sharing and housing offers are available on billboards in the various university buildings. Have you already found private housing accommodations? Before moving in to the accommodation, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Roommates / Flat sharing

If you are thinking about sharing a rental apartment (or house) between several people, this section is for you. There are no special regulations/guidelines for sharing accommodations and practices may be different from one rental company to another.

Housing subsidies

Housing assistance subsidies may be available for those meeting the requirements of the Social Housing Allowance (ALS). Before making your request, to find out if you are able to obtain an ALS, you can check your situation on the website of the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales: The request for ALS can be made via the Internet: (obligatorily for all CROUS housing).

Advice and Tips

What should you check when visiting a property? What documents can or cannot be legally requested? Here are some tips and regulations to know before you sign your lease.