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Welcome to our Semester 2 Visiting Professors


Since mid-January, several visiting professors have begun to arrive on our campuses as part of the International Chair in Humanities and Social Sciences and the Chair of the Americas programs. These programs offer real opportunities to strengthen existing international cooperation and to open up new prospects for collaboration in various fields.  


Profs Invités
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During the second semester, our institution will host over 15 international teachers and researchers in our departments, faculties and research structures. Their stay, which generally lasts from 1 - 2 months, is an opportunity to work more closely with our faculty on specialized subjects and to develop stronger collaborative links between institutions. During their time at Rennes 2, visiting professors often hold classes for students, participate in research seminars, study days and other cooperative projects.  

The International Relations Office organizes an individual and/or grouped welcome event in conjunction with their Rennes 2 host structure and associated faculty members and in the presence of the Vice President in charge of Internationalization. The Office has already held two receptions for incoming professors, with a third date to follow on March 20th.

Professors arriving on the International Chair in Humanities and Social Sciences program include:

Gonzalo LEIVA QUIJADA, Adolfo Ibanez University - Santiago, Chile 

→ UFR Languages, Spanish Department / ERIMIT 

Amar MOHAND AMER, Research Center for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Algeria 

→ UFR Social Sciences, Department of History / Tempora 

Grégory KENNEDY, University of Moncton, Canada 

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, Department of History / Tempora

Johannes SUITNER, Technische Universität Wien, Austria

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, department of Geography / ESO 

Sory Ibrahima FOFANA, University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako, Ivory Coast 

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, Department of Geography / ESO 

Oscar QUINTERO, Universidad Nacionale de Colombia, Colombia

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, Department of Geography / ESO 

Arnaud SCAILLEREZ, University of Moncton, Canada

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, department of AES / ESO 

Shaoxing DONG, Fudan-Shanghai University, China 

→ UFR Sciences-sociales, department of Chinese studies / ERIMIT 

The Chair of Americas Invitees include:

Catherine LOSIER, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's - Newfoundland, Canada 


Bethania SAMPAIO CORREA MARIANI, Universidade Federal Fluminens, Brazil


Maude BENOIT, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada 


Carlos OSSA SWEARS, Universidad de Chile, 


Camille DESLAURIERS, University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR), Canada       

Daniel GARCIA ROLDAN University of Bogota, Colombia      


The International Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences

The International Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences position is open to academics from all countries and disciplines. Applications should be jointly submitted by one of the research units financed by Rennes 2 and by a teaching department. Candidates to this position should contact either the head of one of these research units, or one of our academics directly, in order to define the application project together.

The Americas Chair

The Americas Chair position is open to all researchers residing in North, Central or South America and whose application is supported by one of the research partners of the Rennes Institut des Amériques, who are responsible for overseeing this position. All academic fields of study undertaken by the university are eligible ; priority will be given to research units affiliated with the University.

More information on these positions is available here.