Rennes 2's International Strategy

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Rennes 2 University specializes in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Literature, Languages, and Sports Sciences, and has gradually incorporated an international dimension into its overarching strategy.

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International students

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Dedicated French-language learning center


Our international cooperation is strongly informed by a European and humanist model of internationalization and by the development of the European Higher Education Area, including the Erasmus Plus and Research Framework Programmes. Our international policy incorporates European strategic priorities so as to address major contemporary societal challenges.

One of the main elements of Rennes 2’s strategy is to increase the university’s profile abroad, whilst promoting an international "culture" within the university.

Action Plan

Our action plan focuses on:

  • Developing research and teaching projects based on sustainable and balanced European and international collaborations. Rennes 2 is committed to maintaining strong links with its historical partners and developing structuring actions with partners in the French-speaking world. We also aim to build new and formative partnerships focused on shared values, research and innovative teaching methods.
  • Creating international partnerships that are based on local synergies - with the Regional Council of Brittany, Rennes City Council, our twin cities and regions, as well as member institutions of the forthcoming University of Rennes.
  • Promoting internationalization at home practices across our campuses, by means of courses taught in languages other than French, modules that prepare students for going abroad, meetings and projects bringing together local and international students, and the use of information and communication technologies to increase long-distance collaborations with partners abroad.
  • Fostering a joined-up approach to ensure that internal tools and actions are coherent with our official internationalization policy: funding for missions abroad, visiting professorships as part of the two International Chair positions, French language programmes provided by the CIREFE.
  • Developing the internationalization of our administrative and support services by encouraging outgoing mobility of administrative and technical staff and the exchange of good practices
  • Strengthening our welcoming and support services to facilitate the cultural integration of international students and researchers, in conjunction with the Centre de Mobilité Internationale de Rennes.
  • Showcasing our diverse range of international activities. This involves the implementation of a specific international communication strategy supported by a newly recruited international communications officer and a brand new website.