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With more than 270 million Francophones around the world, why wouldn't you take the opportunity to learn or perfect your French!

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The Rennes International Centre for the Study of French (CIREFE)

Located in the center of Rennes 2 University’s Villejean campus, the CIREFE is the largest institution in higher education for the study of French as a Foreign Language in all of Brittany.

The CIREFE allows international students to take French classes either in conjunction with their classes in other subject matters at Rennes 2 or as a stand alone full-time subject. In addition to learning the language, students will also have the opportunity to interact with other students from all over the world and participate in a number of cultural activities around the city and in the region. 

Each year, the CIREFE receives each year more than 2,000 students of nearly 80 different nationalities. The Centre also belongs to CampusFLE, an organization that brings together nearly 40 French university centres for international students, and whose quality approach it follows.


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Classes are designed for non-Francophone students who wish to learn French, or those who wish to improve their French for academic purposes, as well as better understand French civilization and culture.


The CIREFE offers:

  • Evening courses: 4 hours a week (1 semester free of charge for all exchange students)
  • Full-time intensive courses (for the year): several levels of proficiency, 16 to 20 hours a week (fees do apply)
  • Summer intensive courses: 3 weeks of intensive French language courses - all levels.
  • Artistic Workshops: Students can choose from a diverse range of artistic workshops in French (Drama, Music, Journalism, Filmmaking, Radio Broadcasting, etc). The workshops are optional and free for CIREFE students. Participants will be invited to participate in an end of the semester show.
  • Includes cultural activities and also a special program for FLE teachers.
  • Summer University Programme: One-month intensive courses during the month of August

Cultural Outings

The Centre organizes, with a small team of accompanying students/staff, a number of excursions and trips around Rennes (theatre plays, concerts, operas) and in Brittany. General information on upcoming excursions can be found in the D building (Villejean Campus) , 4th floor board (near the cafeteria). You can also follow their Facebook page.