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From social sciences to geography, Rennes 2 offers its students a number of courses in English. 

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This list is updated on a continuous basis. Check with your Faculty or Department of interest to find out if a course you're looking for is offered in English.

English Studies Department

Image Analysis

Discourse Analysis or Contemporary Cultures

Icons for the 21st century : Assessing Images in Anglophone Cultures

Analysis of Rhetorical Speech or Literature

Aboriginality and Ideology in Colonial and Post-colonial Australia

Civilisation: Women in the US (20th Cent.)

Civilisation: Sociology of Post War Britain

Civilisation: The US Labor Movement 

 Civilisation: Constructing Australia

Anglophone Civilisations: American Politics and Society

Anglophone Civilisations: Industrialisation in Britain (19th Cent.) and British Institutions (20th + 21st Cent.)

Literature :  Charles Dickens (Great Expectations)

Literature : Henry James (selected short stories)

Literature: Kazuo Ishiguro (The Remains of the Day) and Tennessee Williams (A Streetcar Named Desire) 

Anglophone Literature: Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) and Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice)

Visual Arts : British Painting (18th + 19th Cent.)

Anglophone Literature: F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) and Emily Dickinson (selected poems)

Paranoia in American Culture

Revisiting the Classics

Postcolonial Studies

Anglophone Cultures: Introduction to American Civilisation and Landmarks of British History

Language Centre

Changing Ireland

Dysfunctional Urban America in the Wire (HBO)

Digital Poetics and Poetics of the Digital

Whose Country?

Comics! Means of representations, memory and transmission of American culture

Languages Applied to Business and Translation

English: Country Knowledge - United Kingdom

English: Language and Culture

English: Negotiation et International Affairs  (writing)

English: Negotiation et International Affairs  (oral communication)

Civilisation: the United States 

International Communication and Commerce

Oral Communication in Business English

Professional Communication: Written English

Professional Communication: Oral English

AES Department 

Introduction to Organization of Social Economy

Marketing Fundamentals

Political Sociology

Rise of China

Sociology of Organizations

Social Policy in the European Union

Geography Department

Urban Planning in Europe, Human societies and the animals around them: environment, food production, ethics and culture

Regional Disparities

City Marketing and Metropolization in the European Union

Rural Spaces and Development Policies

History Department

France in the Renaissance

The Russian Empire and its Revolutions

Public History


Tools and Methods

Ergonomics scales or grids for Workstation Postures Analysis - Professional Approach

Numeric Methods for Ergonomics Part 1

Numeric Methods for Ergonomics Part 2

Visual Arts Department

Art Today: Some Landmarks


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Rennes 2 also has a privileged partnership with Rennes 1 University. It is possible to take courses in other topics offered on their campus. For more information contact the International Office at Rennes 2.