The International Office at Rennes 2

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At Rennes 2 University, we pride ourselves on welcoming and accompanying international students and teaching and research staff, all with an air of Breton cultural uniqueness - Degemer mat!

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Our Role

The International Office ensures the development and promotion of the University’s international cooperation policies overall. To this end, we are responsible for:

  • Coordinating and organizing international mobility for exchange students and teaching and administrative staff
  • Promoting the creation and upkeep of Erasmus and non-Erasmus bilateral agreements with partner institutions

  • Managing the administrative and financial aspects of international exchange programs
  • Counseling and assisting the Research and Administrative offices of the university
  • Dealing with the mobility of credits

  • Welcoming some non-exchange PhD students

The IRO team is composed of 10 people.  

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    Exchange partners


    Other Rennes 2 Structures Supporting Mobility

    • The SUIO-IP: deals with internships and placements.
    • The DEVU: supports students (including international) who are are not part of an exchange program.
    • The CIREFE: provides French language courses for international students.

    Exchange student mobility

    The International Office deals, above all, with exchange mobility, with 7 dedicated staff members and a specific welcome office.

    It also works in close cooperation with department coordinators (download the list above) who are in charge of coordinating the pedagogical aspects of incoming and outgoing student mobility.

    Incoming mobility

    As soon as exchange partner universities nominate their students, the IRO team gets in touch with the selected students.

    Learn more about useful information for exchange students here.

    Each semester, the IRO organizes a Welcome Week to help students to integrate, meet each others and discover their new study environment. Read more about this event here.


    Outgoing Mobility

    All the year, the IRO organizes events to inform local students about opportunities to go abroad.

    For example, we participate in the back-to-school meetings in each university department (beginning of September), the International Desk during the Campus Day / Week (September), we organize the Erasmus Day event for the campus in October (information kiosk promoting mobility, promotional film, testimonials, Erasmus quiz with goodies, etc... ) and more.

    We also organize an International Week each year in November. This event promotes international mobility and provides relevant information on university cooperation programs and partner universities. Students and staff who are curious about mobility options in other countries can gather important information and participate in different meetings: general information, specific by department and geographic zones, funding opportunities and mobility grants, etc… During this week, interested parties can also talk with students and staff who have had similar previous mobility experiences.


    Staff mobility

    Incoming mobility:

    The IRO regularly organizes staff weeks on different topics related to promoting mobility amongst university staff, including "Erasmus +, new requirements from the EU and impact", "Mid-term review of the Erasmus + programme" and "Improve your skills in French and how to be a university with a finger on the pulse?".

    This program has been designed for administrative and academic staff in charge of international affairs at their home universities. See the article from a previous Staff Week available here. 

    Outgoing mobility : Staff Week

    Administrative and teaching staff from Rennes 2 University are encouraged to participate in staff weeks organized by partner universities.

    In 2020, a specific partnership was signed with DCU in Ireland to enable administrative and teaching staff to attend a week of English intensive courses.

    Within the framework of the "Bienvenue en France" (Welcome to France) label, whose aim is to guarantee the quality of the reception services offered to international students, in 2019 Rennes 2 University obtained several grants, one of which concerns language teaching. This funding will be used in 2020 to finance 24 intensive English language courses (all levels) for teaching and administrative staff of Rennes 2.

    Rennes 2 university also offers language courses to its staff to encourage them to take part in mobility programs.

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    Vice President for International Relations:

    Dr. Edwige FUSARO

    edwige.fusaro [at] (edwige[dot]fusaro[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)


    Head of the International Office - Institutional coordinator:


    amal.elamrani [at] (amal[dot]elamrani[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 90


    Bilateral agreements: international [at] (international[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)

    International agreements: Ms. Juliette CORNET

    juliette.cornet [at] (juliette[dot]cornet[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 91


    Erasmus+: Ms. Gwénaëlle LE MEUR

    gwenaelle.lemeur [at] (gwenaelle[dot]lemeur[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel: +33 2 99 14 10 92


    Students general questions / Welcome office (afternoons from Monday to Friday): 

    Ms. Daniela RICHEUX

    daniela.richeux [at] (daniela[dot]richeux[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 92


    Incoming mobility: sri-incoming [at] (sri-incoming[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)

    Mobility Coordinator: Ms. Gwénaëlle LE MEUR

    gwenaelle.lemeur [at] (gwenaelle[dot]lemeur[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 92


    Learning agreements, transcripts of records: Mr. Kêlig MAFOULA / Ms. Laëtitia ROUSSEL

    kelig.mafoula [at] (kelig[dot]mafoula[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel: +33 2 99 14 10 99

    laetitia.roussel [at] (laetitia[dot]roussel[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel: +33 2 99 14 14 99


    Attendance certificates: Ms. Daniela RICHEUX

    daniela.richeux [at] (daniela[dot]richeux[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 92


    Mobility of Incoming PhD students: Ms. Ewa MULAK MAERTEN

    Ewa.mulak-maerten [at] (Ewa[dot]mulak-maerten[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 97

    Erasmus incoming staff mobilities: Ms. Ewa MULAK MAERTEN

    Ewa.mulak-maerten [at] (Ewa[dot]mulak-maerten[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 9


    Outgoing mobility: sri-outgoing [at] (sri-outgoing[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)

    Erasmus+ mobility: Ms. Gwénaëlle LE MEUR

    gwenaelle.lemeur [at] (gwenaelle[dot]lemeur[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel :+33 2 99 14 10 92


    Mobilities to the USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa and Egypt: Ms Juliette CORNET

    juliette.cornet [at] (juliette[dot]cornet[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) / Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 91


    Mobilities to South America and Asia: Mr. Kêlig MAFOULA

    kelig.mafoula [at] (kelig[dot]mafoula[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 99


    Learning agreements, transcripts of records: Mr. Kêlig MAFOULA

    kelig.mafoula [at] (kelig[dot]mafoula[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 99


    Other compulsary documents: Ms. Cecila AUBRY

    cecilia.aubry [at] (cecilia[dot]aubry[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 98


    Erasmus grants and other mobility grants: Ms. Annie PRADAL / Ms. Cecila AUBRY

    annie.pradal [at] (annie[dot]pradal[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 93

    cecilia.aubry [at] (cecilia[dot]aubry[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel:+33 2 99 14 10 98



    Ewa.mulak-maerten [at] (Ewa[dot]mulak-maerten[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr) /Tel : Tel : +33 2 99 14 10 97


    Head of Project Development Pole:

    Ms. Adèle Buchet

    adele.buchet [at] (adele[dot]buchet[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)


    European Projects Officer:

    Mr. Tristan Le Metayer

    tristan.le-metayer [at] (tristan[dot]le-metayer[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)


    International Cooperation et Communications Officer:

    Ms. Kristin Pittman

    kristin.pittman [at] (kristin[dot]pittman[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)