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A very busy International Week at Rennes 2!


International Week at Rennes 2 takes place once a year and highlights the various opportunities available at the University to go abroad, as a student or staff member. 

Café du Monde
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At the end of November, students and staff alike came out for a week full of information meetings and festive events centered around international mobility. The week, which takes place once a year, provided the community with valuable information about how to participate in mobility programs offered by the University. A large number of students were present at meetings held on topics such as:

  • exchange programs in the Americas (Canada, the U.S., Latin America)
  • exchange programs in Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam)
  • financing and preparing mobility programs and integrating into host universities
  • international internship opportunities
  • international language assistant opportunities

Personnel of Rennes 2 also were present for meetings on topics related to international staff mobility programs.

The week’s activities concluded with the festive gathering le Café du Monde, in which Rennes 2 students interested in outgoing mobility programs were able to meet students who have returned from similar programs as well as international students currently studying in Rennes. Organized by geographical areas, this communal space provided students with the opportunity to exchange tips on cultural and administrative aspects of mobility in a friendly atmosphere during a typical French "goûter" with pastries and beverages.