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We're proud to offer a large and diversified selection of cultural events to students, personnel and the public at large. Concerts, films, exhibitions and public lectures are just a few of the different events available on a regular basis.

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The Cultural Services Office

The Cultural Services Office ensures the implementation and coordination of the cultural policy and programming of Rennes 2 University. We aim to provide activities that have a strong link with the pedagogy of the university and the curricula available to students. Proposed artistic programming is first discussed and proposed by our staff and, with suggestions from professors, the cultural agenda is then established. Our office also works in close collaboration with student organizations, cultural partners from the neighborhood of Villejean and city of Rennes, as well as from the region of Brittany.

A Cultural Program for Every Season

In the course of the season, semester or year, the themes of cultural events and activities are rich and varied, covering social, political and aesthetic issues in the form of concerts, live shows, exhibitions, screenings, meetings, workshops, etc. The events highlights the artists' views of the world, and helps to question our relationship to what surrounds us. This cultural season allows everyone on-campus to benefit from a professional cultural offer at very affordable rates.

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See the calendar of cultural events here.


Arts and Culture Days in Higher Education

The Journées des Arts et de la Culture dans l'Enseignement Supérieur (JACES) take place in the spring in French universities. This initiative, jointly promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, provides an opportunity to affirm the role of culture in higher education. As a factor of personal development, a complement to university and professional training, a space for openness, exchanges and meetings, culture is an essential component in the construction of each individual. As showcases of cultural and artistic activities carried out on campus, these days are intended to become an exceptional moment of sharing and discovery each year, especially with the general public, who will be able to discover the diversity and quality of our programs and student initiatives.


Getting Involved

The organization of competitions, workshops, masterclasses and rehearsals are just a few of the ways that the Cultural Services Office connects artists and students. We also encourages student initiatives by hosting and accompanying several of their projects each year.

Valuing student creation also means finding talent. Each year, the Cultural Services Office hosts several competitions open to all students. Winners are selected by a jury comprised of personnel and professionals. The university strives to highlight the work of the winners to the community and the public at large.

Ciné Tambour, a film club run by students, offers weekly screenings at Le Tambour. The program for each session is established in advance, and the genres explored are diverse: from fiction to documentaries, to animated films, ciné-concerts, and experimental films just to name a few.

Short on time but still looking for a way to be involved? Take the time during a lunch break to meet actors/ professionals of the local theatre scene on the Villejean Campus. At Rennes 2, theater breaks are open to all and offer the opportunity to discover an artist, a project, etc. in order to better understand the world of live performance, to reflect together on an artistic gesture and to feed into local creations.

Our libraries also are involved in the cultural program on-campus, organizing exhibits and visits from guest lecturers/ authors. Discover the collections of the Central Library online or go for a visit for more information on scheduled events.

The University additionally organizes Equality Tuesdays, a series of awareness-raising conferences. Once a month, experts are invited to the campus to discuss subjects related to equality.

On the Saint Brieuc Campus

In Saint-Brieuc, the Mazier campus develops a specific cultural program linked to its formations and local cultural life. Exhibitions, conferences and screenings are offered throughout the year.