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Information Sheet 

Need to find information about the structure, services and resources of Rennes 2 University? Below we've prepared a summary of important information to keep in mind for studying at Rennes 2 and living in Rennes.

You will also soon be able to download the Charter on the right-hand side of this page. 


Specific Information for Exchange Students

Are you soon to be an exchange student at Rennes 2? Looking for information such as: academic requirements, French language courses, Course catalogue, transcript of records, housing, etc. Check here for information specific to exchange students. 

Learn the Basics on the French University Education System

In France and within the European Union, university-level studies are separated into three basic levels: LMD, each corresponding to a certain number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. Learn more here. Information about our grading system to be added soon. 

Faculties and Departments of Rennes 2 University

Rennes 2 is almost exclusively devoted to arts, humanities and social sciences. Our university welcomes more than 24,000 students to its 5 different faculties and 25 departments . See the relevant department page for a list of specific programs, and the corresponding objectives, structure and course content. 

Academic Calendar and other structuring elements

See the important dates for each semester, including exams here. 


Classes in English

Looking for classes in English? See which department courses are taught in English here

French language courses (Cirefe)

If you're looking to take classes to improve your French, have a look at our offer at the CIREFE

Exchange students may state in their application form that they wish to register for these courses (either French support courses or French intensive courses, but not both). French support courses (4 hours a week) is offered to all exchange students for one semester. Students who register will have to take a proficiency test at the CIREFE on arrival. Please note that the tests take place at the beginning of each semester. This test is a necessary step to be able sign up for courses.


Visas and Titres de Séjours

Exchange students may need to complete some mandatory administrative formalities to regularize their immigration status. See here to find out if you will need a visa to study in France.

Health and Insurance

In France, health insurance is free and compulsory for everyone. This social security regime is managed by the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM).  Social security reimburses you for your health expenses. When studying in France, students from the EEA (European Economic Area) are covered by the social security system of their home country; other students must register with the French student social security system to benefit from the same protection as French students. Begin your registration process here. 

Erasmus students must upload their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), valid until the end of their stay, to their online portal. If this card is not valid for the entire duration of one's stay in France, registration with the student social security will be compulsory.

Once here, we aim to provide the best conditions for students to be able to excel in their studies. An essential part of that is providing students with access to effective health and social services. Learn about the the Student Health Centre (Service santé des étudiant·e·s - SSE) here.


Inclusion, Accessibility and Sustainability

Our Office for Students with Disabilities - Relais Handicap - welcomes and supports students with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary. Find out more here. Rennes 2 University is also committed to promoting equality between women and men and combating stereotypes and discrimination. See the resources available to you here. 

We are also committed to providing sustainable campuses and offer students and staff the opportunity to take part in ecologically and socially sustainable practices. Read more about how you can get involved here. 

Campus Services and Resources

Whether you have questions on our libraries, sports activities, housing, cultural activities, or opportunities for social interaction, we can help inform and support you. See here for more information. 

Meet people using the Buddy System 

ESN Rennes, member of the Erasmus Student Network, is a student organization that helps welcome international students to the city and to the university. They also manage a buddy system: a program that connects international  students with a mentor/buddy (other local students) and who help introduce their buddies to different aspects of the local culture. Learn more here.