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With one of the highest rates of student organizations per university student in France, Rennes 2 offers many different ways for students join in the dynamism of the university, on and off-campus.

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Get involved

Getting involved in opportunities outside of class, particularly for international students, can help to create a sense of community with those around you and facilitate the learning of new strengths and interests.  Whether it be participating in student organizations, councils, workshops, or other programs, student involvement is a good way to have fun, learn important skills and even build your resumé.

Below is a small list of organizations that may be of particular interest to international students. A comprehensive list of organizations at Rennes 2 is available on our French website.

Cultural and Social Organizations

Erasmus Student Network (ESN): is a non-profit student network which has established itself as one of the main organizations in Rennes for the integration of international students. Their mission is to welcome international students and provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of students-helping-students. Throughout the year, ESN partners with nightlife actors so that every evening, mobile students have a place to meet and meet other young people from Rennes. See their website.


The Office Rennes 2:  The organization brings together students studying English (language), literature and civilization. Monthly social events are organized and listed on their blog. Contact: theoffice.rennes2 [at] (theoffice[dot]rennes2[at]gmail[dot]com)


Happy Spoilers: Promotes cultural action in its widest sense and by the most diverse means and in particular by organizing events around seriality (TV series, art, video games, cinema, music, etc.) Contact : happyspoilers [at] (happyspoilers[at]gmail[dot]com)


A.D.O.R.E.R. (C Lab Radio associative locale): Volunteer and be a part of the C Lab community. It's objective is to help manage the local community radio station for students and young people in the Rennes area. Contact: contact [at] (contact[at]c-lab[dot]fr) 


La Maison Internationale de Rennes (MIR): Bringing together more than a hundred international Rennes organizations working in the fields of human right, international solidarity, intercultural exchanges and migration MIR is a place of resources and debates. It is located in downtown Rennes and open to any interested person or association. See their website here.



Jazz au Beurre Salé: Promoting Jazz at Rennes 2 through the organization of events. Contact: asso.jabs [at] (asso[dot]jabs[at]gmail[dot]com)


Saute Requin: Promotes serial cultures, old and new, in all media (film, video, photography, screen printing, television, radio, digital, etc.) in various fields of cultural or artistic expression. Contact: serialcultures [at] (serialcultures[at]gmail[dot]com)


Scen’Art: organizes workshops and events around cinema. Contact: associationscenart [at] (associationscenart[at]yahoo[dot]fr)  


A CASO'ART: Students involved in this organization (from different disciplines) produce, promote, and present artistic creations to local audiences. Contact: acasoart [at] (acasoart[at]laposte[dot]net) 


Sports Association Rennes 2: organizes sports and creative expression for university students. Contact: agnes.tanguy [at] (agnes[dot]tanguy[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)


Danse avec les STAPS: Learn how to organize and promote a dance event / organize a dance competition open to the general public in the Rennes area. Contact: dansonsaveclesstaps [at] (dansonsaveclesstaps[at]gmail[dot]com) 

Department-related Organizations


BA LEA: organization for students in applied foreign languages studies


FacebookKejadenn: brings together students in Breton and Celtic studies and promotes Breton culture in the student community. Contact: kejadenn [at] (kejadenn[at]gmail[dot]com)