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Procedure for Exchange Students

To register as an exchange student:

  • Consult with your home university to learn more about its application process.
  • Your university will inform the International Office at Rennes 2 University about your selection.
  • The International Office of Rennes 2 will then send you its registration procedure by email.

Deadline for sending the application form, signed and stamped by your home coordinator: May 15th for the 1st semester and October 15th for the 2nd semester.


Academic Requirements

In order to make the most of your time at Rennes 2, inside the classroom and in everyday life, exchange students should have a B2 level in French. Please note that a minimum B1 level is required, and students who have a B1 level will need to attend French proficiency evening courses in the CIREFE during the semester (one semester is offered for free to exchange students).

This requirement does not concern students who attend paying French intensive courses at the CIREFE, which can be taken from the A1 level.  

Have you already taken a French language test (TCF, DELF, DALF)? If so, you will need to send proof of the test results by email before your arrival. 

French Language Courses (CIREFE)

Exchange students can learn French at the CIREFE (Centre International Rennais d’Etudes de Français pour Etrangers). Located on Rennes 2's main campus (Villejean), classes are aimed at non-Francophone students who wish to learn French and French civilisation and culture. 

The CIREFE offers:

  • French support courses: 4 hours a week (one semester is offered to all exchange students)
  • Intensive courses: several levels of proficiency, 16 to 20 hours a week (students will need to pay associated registration fees for these courses) 

Exchange students may state in their application form that they wish to register for these courses (either French support courses or French intensive courses, but not both). Students who register will have to take a proficiency test at the CIREFE on arrival. Please note that the tests take place at the beginning of each semester. This test is a necessary step to be able sign up for courses. More information is available here. 

Choice of Courses in the Departments  

International exchange students can choose courses in 2 different departments (linked to their program of study), with a maximum of 36 ECTS per semester. Courses open to exchange students are listed in a specific catalogue, which you can download above.  

Students who attend courses in the departments (fields of study) during the day can also attend proficiency evening courses. These courses are free of charge for 1 semester for all exchange students and are credited with 6 ECTS (upon passing the exams).  

Students who attend paying French intensive courses at the CIREFE will be unable to attend courses taught in the departments (some exceptions may be possible for students with a high French level). 


Transcript of Records (TOR)

Once you have completed all of your courses and exams, our International Office can establish a TOR. It will then be uploaded onto the online portal of the student. It will be issued no later than 8 weeks after the assessment period has finished at Rennes 2 University. 

Exchange students who failed their exams (grades below 10/20) can retake their exams in June to try and improve their results. Retake exams happen only in June and at Rennes 2 University only, even for the students who were on an exchange programme during the 1st semester (Autumn semester).  




When planning for your arrival


Rennes is very much a student town. Due to a high volume of students looking for housing, we advise you to start your search as early as possible. Rennes 2 residences (managed by the CROUS and located near our campuses) are often the least expensive accommodation in Rennes. Exchange students can request a room in the online application form, but we cannot guarantee the reservation of rooms, as the number of rooms dedicated to exchange students is limited. The principle of 'first-come, first-served' is applied. Individual requests to the CROUS residency will not be processed.You can find more information and resources on finding accommodation here. 

Other resources that can help to plan your arrival

Find a list of diverse resources that can help you to prepare your upcoming time at Rennes 2. Find the university calendar, list of events, information on health servicesinsurance and opening a bank account here


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A Choice of Transportation at Your Fingertips

Rennes is also just an hour flight from Paris, and the city’s airport offers several flights to other major French and European cities each day. The Ouigo now also offers a low-cost daily bus service that runs from the French capital to Rennes.


If you’re looking to get to Rennes from Paris, the most convenient option is to take the high-speed train. You can arrive in downtown Rennes from the center of Paris in just 90 minutes! On average, there 41 different trains that run between Rennes and Paris each day. Book your train ticket at the OuiSNCF website. Once at the train station, you can access the metro line ‘a’ that stops directly in front of Rennes 2 University (Villejean-Université station) in less than 10 minutes.



Rennes’ airport benefits from several direct flights from European destinations each day. Paris, London, Dublin, Barcelona and many more cities are accessible with 1-2 hour flights. Find a flight that suits your needs at the Airport website. Renne’s airport is located in a neighboring town called St. Jacques la Lande. The bus line 57 runs from the airport to the city centre (Republique station) in just 20 minutes, with a bus available every 20 minutes every weekday as well as Saturdays. From Republique, the metro line ‘a’ is the quickest way to reach the main campus (Villejean-Université station).



The OuiBUS makes the Paris - Rennes trip in just over 4 hours with prices starting at just under 10 €. Free wifi is available. Book tickets here.



If you are driving from Paris, Rennes is easily reached by car. It's about 3.5-hour drive from Paris via the toll roads A11 and A81. The journey is about 350 km.