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With a metropolitan area population of approximately 720,000, Rennes is the 10th largest city in France. Of that number, more than 67,000 are students, giving it reason to be cited as the 4th most agreeable university town in the country.

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Rennes, a city on the rise

The city of Rennes has been designated as city of Art and History and offers a number of major cultural sites (opera, theaters, symphony orchestras, the Parliament, museums, libraries, etc.). Like the university, the cultural programming of the city and the region is constantly changing and diverse.

Over the last decade, the city has heavily invested in urban revitalisation of the city-centre and the surrounding infrastructure. These ambitious plans, combined with the rich cultural and social offering of the city, has produced substantial results. For a number of years, the city of Rennes has been steadily climbing the ranks of the most desirable cities for quality of life in French surveys. In 2018, Rennes was named as the most-enjoyable French city in which to live.

The New York Times also recently published an article titled, "36 Hours in Rennes and St.-Malo." 


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"Rennes, une ville où il fait bon vivre!"

In 2018, Rennes was named as the most-enjoyable French city in which to live!

Every year, the magazine l'Express ranks the most agreeable French cities in which to live. Criteria involved in the ranking include: proximity to natural sites, employment rates, available cultural activities, public transport, air quality, educational success rates, real estate prices, etc.  

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Brittany, a region to discover

While Rennes may be the urban centre of the region, it’s far from being the only place with interesting things to do in Brittany. The region’s cities and ports have put tourism and culture at the top of the agenda. They’re jam-packed with interesting things to do. Brittany has an exceptional number of charming cathedral cities, what the French call cités de caractère, perfect for carefree weekend getaways.

Brittany has also preserved a fair amount of its natural country heritage, notably its small characteristic farms, courtyards, tidal mills and windmills. With nearby destinations like:

Rennes is now easily accessible by a high-speed train which connects it to Paris in less than 90 minutes.

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