Our International Partners

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Rennes 2 University has agreements with numerous European institutions and other establishments around the world. Mobility is governed by cooperation agreements signed between the departments.

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Agreements and Partners

To better visualise where are international partners are located, see our interactive map here.

International Partners

See the interactive map of our international partners here


With 210 Erasmus agreements, the European Union is the main partner region of Rennes 2 University. The university structures its partnerships outside Europe in three directions: the continuation of the commitment towards the French-speaking world and particularly, Quebec, the Maghreb and the Middle East Strengthening ties with the Americas the development of its relations with Southeast Asia (especially Vietnam).

Erasmus + Partnerships, International Mobility Credits

The international mobility of credits is part of Action 1 "Mobility" of the Erasmus + program and allows the setting up of incoming and outgoing mobilities with countries outside Europe. The aim is to support the internationalization of higher education institutions and highlight the wealth and attractiveness of European Higher Education. Rennes 2 University has obtained 5 projects.