Transportation Beyond the City

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Trips within the region can be undertaken using the Illenoo, TER and SNCF networks. With over 350 trains and 97 coaches, it’s simple to get away for a weekend or a holiday stay around Brittany.

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Illenoo Bus System

Illenoo is Brittany’s interurban network, with 29 bus lines serving 134 municipalities. Illenoo connect users from the center of Rennes to various towns in the surrounding area on a daily basis. More information can be found here (an English-language website is currently under construction).

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Coasts, beaches and more!

Situated in the extreme west of the European mainland, Brittany boasts over 2,730 km of coastline, i.e. 5% of the surface area of France. 

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The TER & SNCF Network

The TER train system is a regional network of trains with over 126 railway stations, making it easy to get to coastal areas of Brittany like Saint Malo and the Mont-Saint Michel in a short amount of town.

Traveling outside of Brittany can be easily done by booking a TGV through the SNCF service, France’s network of high-speed trains. From the Rennes train station, for example, you can access one of the many trains that go to Paris each day - now just a 90 minute trip! The TGV also offers rail travel, French style, to more than 230 destinations in 15 countries. Book your tickets online and receive them by email and print them out, or just use the SNCF app on your smartphone or tablet, and off you go!

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