Governance and Leadership

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Led by the President and a team of Vice-Presidents, the major policies of our University are guided by decision-making bodies that include boards, commissions and committees composed of staff and students alike. 

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Vincent Goueset

Vincent Gouëset

president [at] (president[at]univ-rennes2[dot]fr)

02 99 14 10 12

Elected on May 12, 2023



The Executive Team

The University is governed by a variety of boards and commissions, led by the President and supported by a team of 10 Vice-Presidents (including 1 student Vice-President). This executive team is elected every four years and participates in the development and implementation of the overall policies of the organization. They also provide an interface between university management and the entire university community, services and partners (from the local to the international level).


Executive Board

The Executive Board determines the overall policy of the institution. It deliberates on all questions submitted by the President and the Academic Council. The Board approves, among other things, the development plan of the university, the budget, agreements and conventions signed by the President, and the activity and social reports.


Academic Council

The Academic Council groups together the Research Commission and the Commission on Training and University Life. It defines and shapes many of the university’s policies, whether it be on education and training, research, scientific and technical culture, etc.


Director General of Services

The Director General of Services, working under the authority of the President, provides direction for the administrative, financial and technical services of the institution. The DGS also contributes to the development, implementation and monitoring of policies and performance indicators in the areas of administrative management, including human resources and information systems.