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Our campuses offer students a quality environment and all the services they need for a successful educational experience.


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More Than Just Classrooms

Because the quality of one's educational experience is not only limited to what goes on in a classroom or lab, the university strives to provide students and personnel with a large range of support services and opportunities for personal enrichment. 

Whether you have questions on physical activities, medical support, housing, cultural activities, or opportunities for social interaction, we can help inform and support you. 

The Inter-University Service for Physical and Sports Activities (SIUAPS) offers nearly forty activities and disciplines. 

New: Find out more about the Korrigo card services and how you can use it on our campuses! 

On the Villejean campus, a health service is available to all students. It is confidential and free of charge. It also can help with specialized health service consultations (i.e. dietetics, contraception, sophrology and relaxation, psychological follow-up, training in first aid, etc.).

The Relais Handicap Office on our main campus coordinates a number of important services designed to support students with disabilities.

Looking for somewhere to stay during your time in Rennes? There are a number of housing options available to students and researchers, but it's important to start looking early. Rennes is very much a student town and, as such, the demand for housing is generally high. See the section on housing for more information. 

While you're here don't forget to check out our section on Arts and Culture. Many initiatives and activities led by university academics and a high student involvement in campus organizations have helped to create a diverse and constantly renewed cultural agenda.

Stay up-to-date with cultural and social activities happening on and off-campus with Clab radio, an associative radio station whose purpose is to participate in the social and cultural ties of young people and students in Rennes as well as academics (teachers or other staff involved in student life). It provides 24 hours of non-stop programming for over 20 to 30 km around Rennes. Created in 1996 and, the association behind the station is a member of the Radio Campus France network, a federation of all French Campus Radios. You can listen to it here.

In short, Rennes 2 encourages the entirety of its community to seek out, interact with and take a leading role in campus life activities.