KorriGo Card

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Issued by the city's public transportation network (STAR), the KorriGo Services card allows you to access services on Rennes 2 campuses and in the city of Rennes (public transportation, access to municipal libraries, swimming pools, etc.)

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New: The KorriGo Services card allows you to benefit from many services at the university:

  • CROUS catering in Rennes academic institutions (university restaurants, cafeterias, vending machines, online ordering)
  • loans of documents in the different libraries of the Rennes 2 printing and photocopying on a dozen copiers located mainly in the libraries
  • access to sports activities organized by the SIUAPS (Interuniversity Service for Physical and Sports Activities).

To do so, you must credit your "Izly" account on the internet or on the smartphone application.

If you do not yet have a KorriGo Services card, order your card on the Star website.