Principles and Strategies

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Guiding Priniciples

We strive to ensure that all research projects at Rennes 2 meet two requirements: that they be attached to universal humanist values ​​and that they support the Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities and Social & Sports Sciences in the contemporary societal and technological evolution.

Our aim is to two-fold:

  • to defend knowledge, critical thinking, attention to the individual, collective memory, education, shared spaces and the production of meaning;
  • but also to ensure that the institutional framework and technology will allow for the updating of these values ​​in a context where the methods of production, validation, dissemination and application of scientific knowledge are deeply upset. That's why we have put "digital humanities" at the heart of our scientific policy.

Research Commission

The Research Commission defines the strategic research policy of the university. With its 40 elected representatives (composed of university staff and doctoral students), it also manages the allocation of resources for research work undertaken by the university and  its affiliated laboratories and projects. Furthermore, it sets the operating rules for research units and is consulted on agreements with research organizations. 

A European Strategy

Rennes 2 University also contributes to the above principles by means of a voluntary policy at the international level: building major privileged partnerships, strengthening the engineering of European and international projects, bringing them up to European standards. We also build on the international potential of doctoral schools to establish or strengthen collaborations and the creation of European and international projects.


The European Projects Platform (2PE): 

The European Projects Platform is an engineering service for European research, innovation and shared training projects at a regional level. Its aim is to develop, support and promote the participation of Brittany’s academic community in the European framework programs, especially those dedicated to research and innovation, Horizon 2020, and Erasmus +. Its services include providing information, training and advice on European funding opportunities and personalized support throughout the editing of projects. 


The HRS4R label represents a guarantee of the quality of the steps taken to welcome researchers and other related staff - at a European level. Rennes 2 University is currently taking steps to comply with the obligations of the framework of the program in order to obtain the label.


Communicating on research through the Rennes University Press (PUR)

Established in 1984, the Rennes University Press (les Presses Universitaires de Rennes) is the largest public and university publishing house in France. It disseminates university research work and findings through the development of research collections, journals and textbooks, particularly in the field of history, literature, languages ​​and the social sciences and humanities. In addition to publishing work from Rennes 2 researchers, it also includes contributions from a number of regional universities: Angers, Brest, Lorient-Vannes, La Rochelle, Le Mans, Nantes, Rennes 1, and others.

In order to promote the visibility of our researchers at an international level, we actively encourage our researchers to publish in international journals in different languages, assisting them by providing translation support.