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Our libraries are located on our three campuses and cover all the disciplinary fields taught at our University. 

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University Libraries

The Central Library (located on the main Villejean campus) and a number of specialized libraries (Bibliotheques Universitaires) are open to everyone.

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Central Library

The Central Library, called la Bibliothèque universitaire centrale (BU Centrale), welcomes you six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

In addition to its general and multidisciplinary collections, the library offers a number of specialized collections, computer areas and an audio-visual room where you can access film and documentary archives from the INA and CNC. It also holds over 1,200 study spaces, including 12 group work rooms providing over 100 seated spaces (which can be reserved), as well as several spaces equipped with computer stations. The library is wheelchair accessible and elevators are at your disposition.

Specialized libraries:

  • BU Arts, Lettres, Communication (B222)
  • BU Musique (0316)
  • BU Sciences Humaines (S210)
  • BU Sciences Sociales (B301)
  • BU Sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives (La Harpe)
  • Médiathèque (L130)
  • Bibliothèque François-Lebrun - recherche en Histoire (N 201)
  • Bibliothèque LAHM - recherche en Archéologie (A 118)

Our Mazier campus also offers our students a library.

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The Central Library has managed to preserve a significant collection of old books, manuscripts, maps and other materials. 

This collection of antiquarian and patrimonial items is conserved in a reserve and comprises some 34,000 printed works.

Covering a period from the end of the 15th century to the First World War, it comes in part from the confiscations that followed the law of separation of Church and State (1905). It provides a historical and European perspective on the disciplines taught at the Université de Rennes 2.

It includes historical, literary, religious and legal works, atlases, travel reports and scientific books whose eclecticism reflects the encyclopedic conception of knowledge that characterized the old libraries. This collection includes almost 800 16th-century works and an incunabulum - one of the very first books printed in Europe in Gutenberg's century, over 500 years ago.

A "modern" reserve completes the collection of antiquarian books. It houses rare and precious books from the 20th and 21st centuries: first editions, bibliophile books, object books and careful facsimiles of astonishing manuscripts.

New acquisitions regularly enrich the collection and develop its strengths, and exhibitions are organized to showcase them to the public.

A Diversity of documents in different languages

Archived material is available in: English (close to 1,500 documents), German (approximately 1,000 documents), French (over 13,000 documents) and Latin (over 4,000 documents). But there is also material available in: Breton, Chinese, Spanish, Gallic, Moderne Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Ancient Greek.

Organize a visit

The BU is happy to make these archives available to its users. Due to their patrimonial nature and the fragile character, these materials require special treatment and can only be consulted on the premises. They are available in the "Salle de lecture du fonds ancien" located on the garden level of the BU Centrale. They can also be searched in the library's general catalog. Find out how to visit by consulting this page. 

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Services Offered

We endeavor to support our students as much as possible with: 

  • group work rooms (some of which are equipped with boards, screens or video projectors to facilitate collaborative work and the preparation of presentations), which can be booked online or with onsite (see here for more information/make a reservation),
  • personalized support according to your needs, in the library areas, by appointment, in the form of workshops or by answering your questions, online or on onsite,
  • educational support in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes,
  • an interlibrary loan service open to all students, Monday through Friday,
  • personalized services for distance learning students or students with disabilities,
  • a dropbox allowing the return of documents when the library is closed (except holidays),
  • a team of instructors ready to help you or come to your aid in the event of technical problems,
  • various services: photocopies, printing (including 100 free black & white copies after activation of your university card), binder and stapler, and wifi access.
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Central Library

Learn, explore and relax

The libraries provide you with thousands of books and journals on the university's disciplinary fields. You will also find maps, musical scores, dissertations and theses.

BU Rennes 2 also offers spaces to relax and make discoveries. You will find several relaxation areas in the Central BU, a cafeteria area on the ground floor for meals and vending machines available for a quick snack.

You are free to discover no less than 10,000 DVDs (films, TV series, documentaries, etc.) offered by the Media Library (building L) on loan or for viewing onsite.

The music library (building O) has numerous CD players and turntables (with headphones available for loan) as well as a digital piano for working with scores from the library or from your personal collection.

Join us for cultural and scientific activities: 

  • grab a PUR coffee, participate in events, round tables and exhibitions

Access the library directly from your home!

University libraries offer a wide selection of online resources: journals, specialized tools and ebooks, theses and dissertations, collections of digitized works, streaming and downloadable films via the digital media library... But also online services: suggested purchases, loan extensions, the possibility to ask a question...

Search the databases

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Library Access on Sundays: Rennes 2 students  have access to the Rennes  1 University Library (La Borderie) located in downtown Rennes.