Dedicated Spaces for the Arts

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The Cultural Services Office encourages student initiatives by hosting and accompanying several of their projects each year. Here are some of the spaces available at Rennes 2.

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Dedicated Spaces for the Arts

Le Tambour:

With over 300 seats, this auditorium is located at the entrance of the Villejean campus. From concerts and conferences to film projections, this space is often at the center of many of the cultural activities hosted at Rennes 2 University.

Chambre Claire:

This space hosts several exhibitions a year (showcasing photography and other artwork), all the while presenting students and artists opportunities to discuss their ideas and creations.

Galerie Art et Essai:

Located on the Villejean campus, under the university library, this gallery is a place of exhibition and dissemination of the contemporary art scene. Its educational missions related to training and research are accompanied by meetings and discussions with all audiences. The gallery organizes 4 to 5 exhibitions a year. The Gallery is part of the association Contemporary Art in Brittany.

Le Cabinet du livre d’artiste:

Located on the ground floor of the Érève (in the middle of the main campus), this space hosts exhibitions and art books: more than 3,000 titles are available for consultation. The creation of the Cabinet du livre d'artiste was initiated by Éditions Incertain Sens, a program of publications of artists' books within the plastic arts department.

Les Archives de la critique d’art:

Created in 1989 at the initiative of members of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), the Archive’s mission is to collect, preserve and enhance the writings and archives of art critics active since the mid-twentieth century.

Espace M:

This small gallery allows students of plastic arts to exhibit their work.