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Interuniversity Service for Physical and Sports Activities

Looking to get involved in recreational sports and physical activities while here at Rennes 2? The Interuniversity Service for Physical and Sports Activities (SIUAPS) offers students a wide variety of choices on both the Villejean and Beaulieu campuses. Whether you’re interested in martial arts, yoga, water sports, outdoor sports or you just want to find a place to go work out for a while, there is something for everyone at Rennes 2 . There are over 45 sporting and artistic activities that you can practice throughout the year! 

Who can participate?

Sporting activities are open to all students and staff and at all levels, from beginners to the more advanced.

Students with disabilities who wish to register for sports activities should contact the SIUAPS teachers directly. Together with the Handicap Relais Office, each situation will be individually reviewed in an effort to find the best possible arrangement for all.

Sporting Facilities available at Rennes 2 University:

  • 3 gymnasiums
  • 2 sports halls (La Harpe and Bernard Le Boulicaut Gymnasium)
  • 1 climbing room, 1 exterior wall (math tower) and an interior wall (gym the Harp)
  • 3 dance halls
  • 2 dojos
  • 2 boxing halls
  • 1 multi-activity room (Duchesse Anne)
  • 2 grass football pitches 1 rugby field
  • 2 stabilized football fields
  • 1 small synthetic football pitch (Beaulieu)
  • 2 small synthetic football pitches (Villejean)
  • 1 track of 250m
  • 1 covered golf course
  • 4 outdoor tennis courts
  • 2 outdoor volleyball courts
  • 3 outdoor basketball courts

How to register ?

To take advantage of SIUAPS courses and sporting activities, you can pre-register online on the SIUAPS website at the beginning of the year. Once you have completed this step, you will need to come to your first sports class to confirm your registration. It is also possible to apply directly when attending the first class if you have not been able to pre-register in time, but please note these places are not guaranteed.

The early registration form is available here.

Register for weight rooms

To enjoy an unlimited annual access to the gyms of the Villejean and Beaulieu campuses, in independent practice, you can pre-register online on the SIUAPS website. First-timers benefit from a free-trial session, after which, in order to continue, the purchase of a university sports card will be necessary.

Register for competitions

To take part in university competitions and events organized by the sports association of Rennes 2 University, you must pre-register online on the SIUAPS website. You will then be able to pay a license FFSU for a cost of 15 € and on presentation of a medical certificate with the mention 'in competition'.