What to do after you've completed your PhD

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Opportunities after completion of a Doctorate Degree

What to do after you’ve completed your thesis? Obtaining a doctorate opens up many opportunities in teaching and research or in business.


After completion of a thesis, you may decide to continue with post-doctorate training. This is usually in another university and in another country than where your thesis was completed. Postdoctoral studies, usually done in a year or two, provide the opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the work done during the thesis.

Becoming a researcher or teacher-researcher

In order to become a researcher or an e-researcher, you must submit an application for recruitment competitions organized annually by higher education institutions and research organizations (CNRS, IRD, Inria, Inserm, etc.).

Doctors wishing to pursue their careers in higher education can consult the institutions to see what options are available to them: temporary assistantships and learning. research (ATER), teacher-researchers, etc.

Working in the private sector

Young doctors can also chose to put their work on their research theme to use in the private sector by joining the research and development departments of companies or start their own business in an innovative field.