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Rennes 2 University is committed to providing sustainable campuses and offers students and staff the opportunity to take part in ecologically and socially sustainable practices. Read more about how you can get involved below. 

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Resources for our campuses and the community

Rennes 2 is committed to developing, promoting and implementing sustainability and social responsibility policies as an integral part of our university. There are a number of ways you can get involved in this effort. Read more on how you can show your support for sustainability as a student, staff member or member of the community. 



Become a Sustainability Ambassador

Being an ambassador for sustainable development and social responsibility means actively participating in the institution's DD&RS approach. A Drice Ambassador is a clearly identified student or staff within his or her unit, department or component as the person who can be seen to ask questions, suggest actions or raise issues related to SD that will then be submitted to the COPDD.


Récup' Campus (Campus Recovery)

Located on each of the university's campuses, students can drop off or collect various objects at these spaces free of charge: furniture, dishes, appliances, decorations, etc.

Initially created for to promote the recycling of home goods and materials, it is also helps students to equip themselves with functional objects.

NB. These objects must be functional, in a decent state and/or useful for students in Rennes (no clothes or books are allowed).

How to deposit and / or recover objects?

Villejean Campus: The reception or acquiring of objects can be done every Wednesday (keep your eye out for a large blue container situated between the Central Library and L building). Outside these timeframes, please contact the organization by email.

Mazier Campus: Building C (ground floor, room C06).

Beaulieu Campus: Every first Thursday of the month, Building 43, room 113.


Email them at: recupcampus [at] or ecupmazier [at]


The University Garden

Created in March 2011 by the Ecoo Campus organization, the Villejean campus holds a public organic vegetable garden.

The 100 m² garden located at the rear of the L building, facing the Erève building, and is managed by several student organizations. Students who wish to participate in this eco-gardening project will have the opportunity to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers with the association Ar Vuhez.

Contact: Ar Vuhez Association (ar.vuhez [at]


L'épicerie gratuite

As part of a new initiative, Rennes 2 students can now benefit from free and fresh groceries that have been donated from local supermarkets, cafeterias, etc. The aim is to contribute to the improvement of student nutrition, while combating food waste and contributing to waste reduction in general. Free distributions are made every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 6pm. Located in the Erève Building (R003).

Read the interview with the students who started this innovative project here (in French). 

Contact: epicerie.gratuite.r2 [at]

Facebook : @Grocerygratuiterennes2


The Organic Basket of Villejean

The Organic Basket of Villejean has been running since November 2011 and today distributes about fifty baskets of organic vegetables, eggs, bread or cheese.

This student initiative allows students who wish to pay a fair price for a basket, to volunteer in exchange for fresh food for a healthy, varied and ecological diet.

Distribution takes place on Tuesday evenings, from 18:30 to 19:30, in the Ereve building. The volunteer commitment to the AMAP is fulfilled during holiday periods (for about about 5 weeks).

Contact: amapcampusvillejean [at]

Alternative transport


In conjunction with the organization Ecoo Campus, the University has installed a carpool panel on each campus: one in Erève on the Villejean campus, one in Mazier and one in La Harpe.

These panels operate in an autonomous way: students register their offers or requests for car-pooling punctually or regularly and delete announcements whose dates have passed.


The Bicycle Repair Workshop

Inaugurated in March 2012, the bike repair workshop is now managed by the Ar Vuhez organization. The workshop is located in the heart of the Villejean campus, next to the B building. Every Wednesday from 4 pm, volunteers from the Ar Vuhez association open the workshop and provide students and non-students with all the necessary tools to maintain their bikes. Everyone should come prepared to repair their own bike (with the help of others).

Whether you are an expert or a novice, don’t hesitate to visit the workshop or contact the organization. 

Contact: Ar Vuhez Association (ar.vuhez [at]

Using Public Transport

To get around, you can also opt for a subscription to the services of the STAR, Rennes Métropole's major transport network, directly on the Villejean campus. You can also turn to the Illenoo and SNCF networks for longer journeys. Metro, bus or self-service bike ... many student mobility offers are available in Rennes.

For more information, please see the STAR website. 

Eco-gestures to adopt

In 2015, out of a concern for environmental issues, the Universities Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 jointly launched an awareness campaign on eco-friendly actions.

Focusing on six themes - lighting, office automation, water, heating, waste and mobility - the campaign uses a humorous tone to involve users (students and staff) in energy conservation issues but also to cultivate their interest around sustainable development.

More information is available here.

Contact: Tel.: 02 99 14 11 06

Contact DRIM Secretariat: marylene.yver [at]

Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 14 11 06