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Overview of Admissions Procedures

Exchange students, including those participating in the ERASMUS program, must complete their registration with the International Office of Rennes 2 University. For more information, see the section for Exchange Students.

CIREFE students should complete their registration with the CIREFE at Rennes 2 University. See the CIREFE website for more information on program options and pricing.

Individual students (international students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and who are not part of an exchange program) should follow instructions as listed in the following section. Procedures will vary depending on one’s nationality and other criteria.

PhD students must contact Rennes 2 University before their departure, as the procedures for registration are different depending on their residency status and the duration of their stay.


In all cases, students hosted at Rennes 2 will receive a certificate of schooling, Internet access credentials and the "Student Life" card which gives them access to the university restaurant and the library.


Do you reside in one of the below countries? If so, you will need to follow the 'Studying in France' Procedures via Campus France.

Students from the following countries will need to contact a Campus France Office in order to submit their application. A single online procedure exists for these applications.

Please note that this procedure is necessary in order to obtain a French visa.

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Which countries are concerned:

Algeria - Argentina - Benin - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Chile - China - Colombia - Comoros - DR Congo - Congo Brazzaville - Djibouti - South Korea - Ivory Coast - Egypt - United States of America - Gabon -  Guinea - India - Indonesia - Iran - Japan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Madagascar - Mali - Morocco - Mauritius - Mauritania - Mexico - Peru - Russia -Senegal - Singapore - Syria - Taiwan - Togo - Tunisia - Turkey - Vietnam.



*All applicants accepted by the University must provide proof of high school graduation and/or a successful university entrance exam from his/her country at the time of registration.