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The University Office for Information, Orientation and Professional Integration (SUIO-IP) helps to inform and guide students as they look to explore career paths and as they begin their professional journeys.

Offering you Career Counseling and Support Services

A typical course alone is not enough to prepare future graduates. Our office can help you to elaborate a personal and professional project and to build your courses so that they are adapted to your objectives.

The SUIO-IP team can assist you in this process by offering you individual interviews on both the question of orientation and the subject of professional integration.

SUIO-IP is also at your disposal for :

  • Surveys on career paths (from the first year of your higher education studies through the final year and graduation)
  • Surveys on the professional integration of young graduates from Rennes 2.

A Student Support Area

In the Student Support Area, the SUIO-IP can offer you documentation on :

  • Rennes 2 academic programs and other programs in higher education in France and abroad
  • The courses available at Rennes 2
  • Career choices and entrance examinations for specific professions
  • Job searches and internship techniques in France and abroad
  • Professional integration

You also have the possibility to benefit from a first consultation, without appointment, with a guidance officer.

Looking for more information?

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