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Verdoyons! A month dedicated to raising environmental awareness


This festival, now in its 4th year, is a key event which focuses on ecology, sustainable development and our relationship with the environment. From November 6 to December 6, the Villejean campus in Rennes will offer a wide range of activities, including workshops, meetings, screenings and exhibitions... 

Verdoyons! 2023
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Committed to fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity, Rennes 2 University supports numerous projects to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage eco-responsibility. The Verdoyons! cycle, organized every two years, provides eclectic and thought-provoking information to our community. 

For one month, numerous events are scheduled on the Rennes campus (with many of them being free and open to all): workshops, meetings, screenings, exhibitions...

This year, the festival focuses on the crucial issue of green algae, as preventing its proliferation has become a real challenge for the Breton ecosystem. Artists and journalists alike have turned their attention to the subject. For Verdoyons!, their views will intermingle through an exhibition of photographs, a cine-concert and a film screening.


Events open to the general public

Long-term exhibitions


"Soup", Photographs by Mandy Barker

September 4 to December 8 on the Villejean Campus - Organized by the Rennes 2 Cultural Services Office

This series shows the mass accumulation of plastic debris in our seas and oceans. As part of the cycle Verdoyons! and GLAZFESTIVAL #1, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie Rennes Bretagne 

Meet Mandy Barker at a conference at Le Tambour on Thursday November 16 at 5pm.


Terra Australis, Photographs by Ella Daly 

October 2 to November 10 (La Mezzanine) - Organized by the Rennes 2 Cultural Services Office

Exhibition of photographs taken on the Kerguelen Islands, produced in conjunction with Pierre Huyghe's immersive musical performance (Ephere).


Algues maudites, Photographs by Alice Pallot 

October 9 to December 15 (La Chambre Claire)  - Organized by the Rennes 2 Cultural Services Office

Photographer Alice Pallot takes a close look at the algae proliferating on Brittany's coasts.

Meet Alice Pallot at an exhibition presentation on Tuesday, November 14th at 1pm at La Chambre Claire.


Algues Vertes

November 2 - November 30 (BU Centrale - library) - Organized by the Service Commun de Documentation (SCD)

The comic strip by Inès Léraud and Pierre Van Hove reviewed by researchers from Rennes 2 and the University of Rennes. Botany, public health, law, ecology, politics, history and sociology. How to tell the real story in comics.

Inauguration Tuesday November 14, 6pm



Other Proposed Activities


Climate Fresco Workshop 

Tuesday, November 7 from 5pm to 8pm at ESSCargo, Organized by the ESSCargo

The Climate Fresco is a scientific, collaborative and creative workshop designed to raise awareness of climate change in a fun way. It allows participants to discover how the climate works, and the causes and consequences of its disruption. Players work in teams of 4 to 8. They are given cards representing the different components of climate change, and work together to find the links between cause and effect by positioning and linking them.


Drawing workshop

Wednesday November 8 at 12:30 in the BU Centrale meeting room, Organized by the Service Commun de Documentation (SCD)

Drawing workshop: Chickadees, robins & Co. A drawing workshop where you can practice sketching and watercolor.

You don't need to be a drawing pro - everyone's welcome!


Workshop 2-tons 

Wednesday, November 8, 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at ESSCargo - Organized by ESSCargo

The 2 tons workshop invites participants to explore the future as a team and try to limit climate change by reaching the famous 2 tons of CO2 per year per person, by 2050. To provide a systemic understanding of the issues at stake, the workshop takes into account the individual and collective dimensions of the subject, without forgetting the role of influence, a key issue in the transformation of society. (Registration required)


Contre nature - Photographic narrative-theatre, by François lepage, Patrice Le Saëc and Alexis Fichet - Compagnie Tra le mani

Thursday, November 9, 8pm (Le Tambour) - Organized by the Cultural Services Office

- François: Is the soccer field your memory of nature?
- Patrice: Yes, it's where we used to get fresh air. There was grass
 Online ticketing at culture.service.univ-rennes2.fr
Prices: 15€ / 5€ / 3€ / Free for Rennes 2 students


Water pollution in Brittany, where do we stand? - Lecture by Nadia Dupont, lecturer in Geography at the  Rennes 2 University.
Thursday, November 9, 12:45pm to 2pm (Social Sciences Library) - Organized by the Service Commun de Documentation (SCD)
This talk will be followed by a discussion.
Seats are limited to 20 people.
Presence of the association Eau et Rivières de Bretagne from 12pm to 2pm.

Algues vertes - Concert-BD by Mnemotechnic and Poing + Text meeting
Tuesday, November 14 at 8pm (Le Tambour) - Organized by the Cultural Services Office
A stage adaptation of the comic strip Algues Vertes, l'histoire interdite by Inès Léraud and Pierre Van Hove. Focus on green algae.
Online ticketing at culture.service.univ-rennes2.fr
Prices: €15 / €5 / €3 / Free for Rennes 2 students

Les algues maléfiques - Screening of short film by Antonin Peretjatko Bretagne.
Wednesday November 15 at 1pm (Le Tambour) - Organized by the Cultural Services Office
Green algae. Walkers disappear... A zany short film mixing political satire, horror and superheroes. 
Free, reservation required - culture.service.univ-rennes2.fr
Presentation of the book Silence dans les Champs by Nicolas Légendre
Thursday, November 16, 1pm (Salle d'actualités, BU Centrale) - Offered by the Service Commun de Documentation (SCD)
Nicolas Légendre will present his book Silence dans les Champs, in which he denounces the agro-industrial system. The meeting will be led by Véronique Van Tilbeurgh, Research Professor in Environmental Sociology at Rennes 2 University.



Eco-solidarity Tuesdays 
Every Tuesday - Offered by ESS Cargo
Every Tuesday of the month is eco-solidarity Tuesday at ESS Cargo! Free and open to all, come and take part in workshops linked to ecological and social issues: do it yourself workshops, awareness-raising workshops, conferences...
More details at www.esscargo.fr
Game of the month workshop on the environment 
Thursday November 23, 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm at the Agora (1st floor, BU Centrale) - Organized by the Service Commun de Documentation.
Digital fresco
Tuesday November 28 from 5pm to 8pm at ESSCargo - Organized by ESSCargo
The Digital Fresco is a fun, collaborative workshop with a similar pedagogy to the Climate Fresco. The aim of this "serious game" is to raise awareness and educate participants about the environmental challenges of digital technology. The workshop also aims to explain the broad outlines of actions to be taken to move towards a more sustainable digital environment, and then to open up discussions between participants on the subject.
Registration required
Circular economy fresco 
Tuesday, November 28 from 5pm to 8pm at ESSCargo - Organized by ESSCargo
Inspired by the Climate Fresco, this collaborative workshop helps participants understand the challenges of transforming our linear production-consumption system towards a more virtuous model: the circular economy. It's a paradigm shift that puts the question of how we use natural resources and manage the externalities - waste and pollution - generated by our lifestyles back at the center.
Registration required 
Biodiversity - I(u) begin today" dynamic exhibition
Thursday November 30 (Salle Hutte - ESSCargo) - Presented by MACIF
Discover a dynamic and lively exhibition on the preservation of biodiversity! 
Planting and inauguration of a micro-forest 
Wednesday December 6, 9am to 5pm (Campus Villejean) - Proposed by the Real Estate Resources Department in partnership with MACIF and ESSCargo
Take part in the planting of a 450 m² micro-forest on the Villejean campus, in the company of students from the Landscape pro degree program and local children. This revegetation project marks an important step in Rennes 2's commitment to biodiversity and ecological transition.
Inauguration at 5pm in front of the André Lespagnol building (N)