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The colors of the soul

From 5 September to 9 December

Fares Micue is a self-taught Spanish photographer born in 1987 in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). If photography was initially a simple hobby, Fares Micue's artistic practice has become a very powerful way for the artist to share her thoughts, ideas and perception of reality.

Photo Fares Micue

Conscious choices - Fares Micue

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The photographer pays great attention to every element she incorporates into her compositions - the location, the colors, the props, the mood - in order to create meaningful and aesthetically rich images.

"As a self-portrait photographer, I use my personal experiences, observation of my surroundings and my own transformation to create beautiful conceptual images. My work is very symbolic and each element in my compositions has meaning. By combining all these elements, I can transform my ideas into images. I am very positive by nature and this optimism is often reflected in my work and through my images which come to deliver a strong message of personal development, self love and empowerment. I want my photos to give hope and teach people to be kind to themselves, to love themselves, to dream and to believe that anything is possible."

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