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CIREFE Students Mark the End of Semester 2 Classes with Artistic and Cultural Festivities


As the second semester drew to a close, French-language students put their artistic and cultural skills on display in front of a large audience.

Atelier Theatre
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Students at the Rennes International Centre for the Study of French (CIREFE), recently offered an artistic and cultural treat to an audience at Rennes 2 University during the end-of semester celebration. The event offers students the chance to showcase the French-language skills they’ve acquired throughout the semester through artistic expression.

While students at the CIREFE are primarily there to study French, the Centre does not limit itself to teaching just the more grammatical aspects of the language of Voltaire, Flaubert et Hugo.

Amandine Chevalier, Assistant Director explains, “It’s important that students get involved in taking ownership in the daily use of their French-language skills. That’s why life at the CIREFE is not just limited to courses. Learning a language means integrating meaning, syntax, but also gestures, phonology, intonation and thinking. So our aim is to help them learn the language but also to provide an experience where they can connect with others in meaningful ways - socially, culturally and artistically. Our workshops have been constructed with this premise in mind.

Held in the Tambour, a building dedicated to cultural and artistic events, the auditorium was close to full for the celebratory show. The first part of the evening was dedicated to the stage performances of the main workshop productions, while the second part of the evening offered students a chance to unwind and converse over a drink in downtown Rennes.

CIREFE workshops are open to all international students, regardless of initial language levels. A course completion certificate is delivered to participants at the end of the semester.

Looking for more information on the CIREFE language classes or the workshops? A selected list of available workshops is listed below. Please see the CIREFE website for more information on available programs, fees, registration, etc.



Theatre workshop

This workshop is organized around a series of preparatory exercises, followed by voice work and the staging of selected texts. Physical work, space work, contact, improvisation and language play are all part of this workshop, which require the actively engagement of all students.

Journalism workshop

Students learn to create and publish the journal Planete CIREFE. This publication reports on CIREFE activities and general campus life through articles, surveys, portraits, interviews. It also features a number of opinion pieces on various topics: favourite books or movies, humorous or serious essays, reports on daily life as seen through the eyes of other cultures… Every student commits to writing one article on their subject of choice.

Cinema workshop

For those who love cinema and want to be on the other end of the camera, this workshop provides an introduction to the language of cinema and the opportunity to create a short film (scriptwriting, filming, editing). Films may be presented at the end of the semester.

Traditional Briton Dance

This workshop provides students with a beginner's training to the traditional Breton dancing steps. Discover your inner Breton by bathing in regional music and dance culture. 

Music workshop

Preparation of a few musical selections (French chanson, jazz, possibly variety music), some of which will be performed at the end of the semester. Opportunity for group work and improvisation.