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CIREFE Students Shine at End of Semester Gala


At the end of each semester, the CIREFE invites its students to take part in an artistic gala. It is the opportunity for them to showcase some of the skills learned at artistic workshops that take place throughout the year in front of an audience of friends and family.

CIREFE Musicians
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Performing in front of a full auditorium on December 20th, students took the stage to demonstrate their French and artistic skills.

The show started off with a series of musical numbers, including piano, saxophone, clarinet, and modern rock, in solo and group performances. It was followed by journalism and radio presentations before moving on to dance and theatre performances as well as a viewing of two short films created completely by participants of the cinema workshop.

The CIREFE workshops, led by art professionals from around the Rennes area, are an integral part of the CIREFE offer. Conducted entirely in French, the workshops give students the chance to relate their burgeoning language skills to an artistic endeavor. It’s also a great way for for them to better get to know each other and have fun in the process.

For information on French language classes, please contact:

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