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The Institut des Ameriques de Rennes celebrates 15 years of the Americas Chair Program


2019 is shaping up to be a milestone year as Rennes 2 celebrates 50 years since its founding, and partnering research organization l’Institut des Ameriques celebrates the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Chair of Americas Program.

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On Friday, 25 January 2019, the scientific interest group l’Institut des Ameriques de Rennes (GIS: IDA-Rennes) celebrated their 15th anniversary of the Chair of Americas Program with a conference entirely focused on themes of trans-American studies within the fields of social sciences and humanities.

Over the last 15 years, the Chair of Americas program has provided the framework for IDA-Rennes to be able to welcome over 100 international visiting professors from the Americas to its member institutions. Funded by Rennes 2 University, the Chair positions allow researchers from South, Central and North America to build scientific and educational collaborations with Rennes 2 and other associated researchers and research centres.

To mark this special occasion, six professors, who have previously held or are presently holding the Chair position, gave presentations on research themes linked to political history, social dynamics, art and culture within the region:

  • Humberto Cucchetti, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina)
  • Oscar Quintero, Universidad Nacional (Columbia)
  • Enrique Rajchenberg, from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma (Mexico)
  • Andrea Oberhuber, from the Université de Montreal (Canada)
  • Gonzalo Leiva, from Pontificia Universidad Catolica (Chile)
  • Zila Bernd, from the Université Lassale (Brazil)

The conference began with a word from organizers Jimena Obregon Iturra and Gerard Borras, and included introductions from Leszek Brogowski, Vice-President of Research at Rennes 2, and Anthony Larson, Dean of the Faculty of Languages at Rennes 2. The seminar concluded with a debate on issues related to trans-American studies followed by a special concert by Peruvian guitarist and musicologist Rolando Carrasco Segovia.


Created in 2003, the Institut des Amériques de Rennes has been bringing together the work being done by America-oriented researchers from five founding institutions in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Its founding members include: Rennes 2 University, Rennes 1 University, Agrocampus Ouest, the CNRS and Sciences Po Rennes.

In total, IDA-Rennes federates several research units, nearly 80 researchers, has numerous programs in partnership with regional, national and American teams, a chair in the Americas and a dedicated Master's program: Masters Les Ameriques at Rennes 2 University.