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International Mobility Center of Rennes: New tool to facilitate incoming mobility


Coming to Rennes for the next school year? The CMI Rennes can provide you with support and tools to ease the transition even before you arrive. The CMI Rennes consists of 12 higher education institutions in Rennes and the Rennes Métropole District Council.  

CMI rennes
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The International Mobility Center of Rennes (CMI-Rennes) works with students, graduate students and researchers, providing them with support and facilitating inbound and outbound mobility, as well as meetings and exchanges between different cultures. If you are planning to attend one of the 12 higher education institutions in Rennes and the Rennes Métropole District Council, then the CMI can help you settle in. 

An advance welcome with through virtual meetings

The CMI Rennes offers international students, doctoral candidates and researchers virtual meetings to inform and accompany them even before their arrival in Rennes.

By connecting to the CMI platform from their country of origin, they will be able to obtain information on the steps to be taken before and after their arrival in France, particularly on questions of residence permits, housing, and daily life. 

These meetings will take place every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., from Wednesday, June 1st to Wednesday, July 13th. 

To register, click here: https://cmi.univ-rennes.fr/en/news/cmi-virtual-welcome-meetings 

The CMI teams can provide you with support in French and English.