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A Discussion With: Hervé Quénol

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Our interview with Hervé Quénol, Research Director at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Hervé Quénol's research work as a climatologist involves analyzing climate variability, at the regional scale, in the context of global warming, with a specificity on viticulture.

Hervé Quénol

Currently working in New Zealand with the Centre for Atmospheric Research at the University of Canterbury, we had the chance to speak with him about his research projects during a recent trip to France. He talked to us about his early work in the field of climatology and viticulture, the importance of incorporating regional-scale climate simulations to the field, the impact that climate change is likely to have for wine-producing regions tomorrow (from the Val de Rance to Southern New Zealand), and his latest project - the creation of an international associated laboratory project between researchers at the CNRS and researchers in New Zealand.


My goal is to have at least one vineyard or site equipped with sensors in every type of climate in the world.


Hervé Quénol is currently studying 35 vineyards in 15 countries and conducts his research in conjunction with the French laboratory Littoral, Environment, Remote Sensing, Geomatics (LETG-CNRS). He was also head of the Rennes site of the Joint Research Unit (UMR) for five years.

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