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Mardis de l'égalité (Equality Tuesdays): 7th edition begins at Rennes 2


The Equality Mission and the Cultural Office of Rennes 2 University are jointly organizing les mardis de l'égalité (Equality Tuesdays), a series of meetings that aim to create time for exchange and debate on equality and the fight against violence and discrimination.

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The meetings are filmed and broadcast live on Aire d'U, the webmedia of Rennes 2 University, as well as on the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc. All these recordings are then made available freely on Aire d'U. All previous seasons of the Tuesday meetings are also available on the web media.


These times of reflection and awareness-raising are free and open to the general public.

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Below are just a few examples of this year's program. Please go here for the full program.

2022-2023 Upcoming Events 

Round-table - Colette Cosnier, a Rennes 2 University pioneer

Round-table discussion with Patricia Godard, author, and Elise Calvez, co-president of HF Bretagne.

Colette Cosnier (1936-2016) taught general and comparative literature at Rennes 2 from 1973 to 1995. As soon as she arrived, she set up a course composed only of women writers. Inspired by the women's movement, the feminist literature of the 1970s and 1980s, and the work of authors such as Colette, Virginia Woolf, Anaïs Nin, and Georges Sand, she has extended her work at the university not only by writing personal works (novels, plays, and essays), but also by writing biographies of women and by asking why, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, so few works were produced by women. 

September 27th at the Tambour

Round-table - Imagining the future: SF views on climate inequalities

Round-table discussion with Étienne Cunge, novelist and expert in the field of sustainable development, and Émilie Querbalec, author who explores in her texts the themes of memory, transmission, culture and identity, the relationship with the other and with nature.

The last few years have been marked by a global health crisis, and our daily lives are still troubled by the consequences of this pandemic. At the same time, climate experts continue to warn about global warming and its dramatic consequences.

The anticipation of our possible futures is part of the daily life of authors of literature of the imagination. How do they look at these contexts and their consequences? How can we live together, rebuild the link between humans but also with nature, and how can we fight against the inequalities caused by these crises?

The round-table is offered as part of the Mois de l'Imaginaire and the Science Festival, in partnership with the Critic bookstore.

October 11th at the Tambour

Conference - ¡Ni una menos! Fighting macho violence: from legal frameworks to implementation. The Spanish case

Conference by Glòria Casas Vila, sociologist at the University Toulouse Jean Jaurès. Within the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

For almost twenty years, Spain has had one of the most advanced legislations against gender violence in Europe. After decades of feminist struggles, a framework law of integral protection measures was enacted. This law, along with other regional laws, signified a major political shift from an androcentric to a feminist-inspired legal paradigm.

November 22nd at the Tambour

Conference - Women, art and the sea: diverse commitments

Conference by Géraldine Le Roux, anthropologist, co-director of the ethnology department of the Bretagne Occidentale University and exhibition curator, specialist in Aboriginal and Oceanian arts.

This conference will present the eXXpedition project, a round-the-world sailing trip with an all-female crew dedicated to the study and fight against plastic pollution. The practices and issues of this form of participatory science will be discussed anthropologically in order to contextualize the data related to plastic micro-waste and eco-feminism.

In collaboration with the Eco'solidary Tuesdays of the SSE Cargo.

December 6th at the Tambour