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Rennes 2 Launches New Series of Equality Tuesdays Seminars (Mardis de l'égalité): Focus on Feminist Cinema


In 2016, Rennes 2 University began organizing les Mardis de l'égalité (Equality Tuesdays), a monthly series of awareness-raising seminars on equality issues. Its aim is to provide a forum for information and exchange.

Helene Fleckinger
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Feminist Cinema of the 1970's

Equality Tuesdays at Rennes 2 have focused on giving a voice to experts on issues related to equality. These events, which are popular with a wide audience, allow us to question social issues through prisms and forms that are renewed each time. To open this new cycle of seminars and events, we will be welcoming Hélène Fleckinger for a conference on feminist cinema of the 1970s.

Lecturer at the Université Paris 8, Hélène Fleckinger is the author of a thesis on the relationship between cinema, video and feminism in France from 1968 to 1981. She coordinated the book-DVD “Carole Roussopoulos: Caméra militante. Liberation struggles of the 1970s.” Together with Alain Carou (BnF), she co-directs research on "vidéo des premiers temps" (an examination of the various forms of appropriation, social and creative uses to which video technology has given rise).

During the conference, she will present a feminist history of cinema (using film excepts), paying particular attention to the vitality and inventiveness of militant productions of the 1970s, as well as to issues of representation, aesthetics and technique. She will also present Bobines féministes, a digital platform for film archives of which she is one of the designers.

The conference is filmed and broadcast live on the Mazier campus in Saint-Brieuc. It will then be visible on the Aire d'U, the webmedia of Rennes 2 University.


  • When: October 1, at 5:30 pm.


This conference is being organized in collaboration with HF Bretagne. A table of books will be offered by the bookstore La Nuit des temps.

The conference will be translated into French Sign Language for the hearing impaired.


For more information on this event, please contact: 

Rennes 2's Cultural Office

  • Sarah Dessaint - sarah.dessaint [at] univ-rennes2.fr

  • Amélie Tehel  - amelie.tehel [at] univ-rennes2.fr