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Palimpseste: The 6th issue of Rennes 2's academic journal now online


The sixth issue of the journal for the promotion of research in the humanities and social sciences has just been published. Its theme focuses on the articulation between education/ training and research. 

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"This latest issue of Palimpsest is composed of about 15 articles based on particular education/ training and/or research experiences, which have taken place or are still taking place, in various fields involving very different knowledge and skills. If they are gathered together, it is because they all allow us to put into perspective important questions that deserve to be addressed together and that constitute the current state of affairs at our university: the articulation between training and research, the link between the university and society, the specific value of the humanities and social sciences (understood in the broadest sense), the professionalization of training, and student commitment."

Translated extract from the introduction to the thematic dossier "Research - training - intervention - territory"

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