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Student Health Week: Health and Well-being in the Spotlight on our Campuses


Rennes 2 University is organizing a Health Week for students from March 4 - 8, 2024, on the Villejean campus. Students of the Mazier campus will also be able to take advantage of a health and well-being program from March 18 to 22, 2024.

Semaine santé
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In March, Rennes 2 University and local partners will be organizing activities for information-gathering, exchange and discussion around health and well-being on the heart of our campuses. These activities are open to all of our students. From culinary workshops to blind-tests, and prevention booths, there are many ways for students to get involved. 

Starting on Monday, March 4th, the proposed activities will center around the theme of emotional and sexual health. Some highlights will include: 

  • A workshop on consent and sexual and emotional health (organized by the Association Les Pétrolettes). Location: 1st floor Érève Building
  • Booths for information and exchange around positive approaches to sexuality; respect and kindness in relationships; Also booths on contraception and resource organizations (organized by the Association Liberté Couleurs). Location: 1st floor Érève Building
  • Space for information and exchange around sexual health and LGBTI themes; Prevention stand (LGBTI Student Association of Rennes Commune Vision). Location: Hall B

On Tuesday, March 5th, health education will be the topic of the day, with: 

  • Information on dental healthcare  (by the CPAM) 
  • Information on health resources in the Villejean neighborhood and the activities carried out by the Association Avenir Santé
  • Health and diets: moments for exchanging on health and diets. Possibility to make an appointment with a dietician.

On Thursday, March 7th, the focus will be on sport and wellness, with:

  • A workshop on cardiac coherence (with Florence Coulouarn IDE SSE). Learn about heart coherence, a simple body technique based on breathing, which can help to manage stress and emotions. Registration necessary. Location: Pina Bausch Room (Érève Building)
  • Wellness with sport workshop (with Alexandra Robin, Relais Santé student)
  • Muscle strengthening to fight against physical inactivity; Discover exercises that can help to gently resume physical activity. Registration

    Location: Pina Bausch Room (Érève Building)

On Friday, March 8th, learn about diet and nutrition, with 

  • A workshop on cooking and diet for students with endometriosis, followed by a shared meal until 2pm (ESS Cargo & Cie). On registration. Location: Icorne Room of the ESS Cargo (Érève Building)
  • An information and awareness stand - En Boîte Le Plat Project

    Understand the operation of En Boîte Le Plat (the famous glass boxes with purple lids that we see everywhere in Rennes shops!) and play some games around the themes of reuse and waste reduction.

    Location: Erève Building
  • Free grocery store: free distribution and sharing of healthy and gourmet recipes

    Location: Hall of the Erève Building


For a full list of the activities available please see the program here

The activities that are planned for the Mazier campus can be found here: https://nouvelles.univ-rennes2.fr/event/semaine-sante-bien-etre-campus-mazier 

Please note that some of these workshops require online registration.

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