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A Successful International Week at Rennes 2


The International Office hosted last week the annual Semaine Internationale on their Rennes campus, a key event which promotes international mobility and provides students and staff with tailored practical information on university cooperation programs and the application process.

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From November 13th - 18th, 2023, over 600 students on the Rennes 2 Villejean campus attended meetings and functions centering on international mobility programs. The occasion, which is held every year, was an opportunity for students to get informed on the different ways in which they can enrich their academic journey with an international experience. This type of experience enables individuals to not only develop their language skills, but also to enhance their ability to adapt to a different cultural environment, skills which are increasingly important for young professionals in Europe as well as in many other areas of the world.


The program offered a variety of meeting topics, general and specific in nature, some of which included: 

  • studying abroad: opportunities and funding, which provided an overview of the different types of mobility programs and information on accessing grants
  • specific department meetings held by Rennes 2 academic coordinators that focused on selection procedures and partner universities
  • country and region-specific meetings (for studying abroad in the U.S., Japan, Canada, China, South Korea…)
  • language assistantship programs and application criteria  
  • internship abroad programs for students looking to gain a first professional experience in another country within the framework of their academic journey
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In addition to these meetings, the International Office also held a meeting for staff members, informing them on the possibilities that exist to take part in an Erasmus + staff mobility program, like a dedicated Staff Week, Best practices program, job-shadowing program or a specific language-training program.  

While the International Office hosts events throughout the year to inform local students about opportunities to go abroad, the International Week is the highlight of the year, and takes place a month before the application processes begin.  The event concludes with the “Cafe du Monde”, an informal gathering in which current international exchange students and Rennes 2 students who have already completed a mobility program meet and exchange with students who are thinking of taking part in a program in the same country.  The mix of formal and informal interactions is a great way for everyone to receive important and precise information as well as advice and encouragement. 

This week, an International Week is taking place on the Rennes 2 Mazier campus in Saint Brieuc. The program includes many of the same meeting topics listed above, as well as a few additional cultural events and gatherings.

Each year, over 500 Rennes 2 students take part in international mobility programs.