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The University of Iceland and Rennes 2: A Collaborative Partnership with a Focus on Student Mobility and Interculturality


Following an agreement established between the two universities in 2021, a group of Icelandic students are currently being hosted in Rennes as part of an intensive Erasmus+ French language and cultural program at the CIREFE. This is the third year that Rennes 2 is receiving students in the framework of a strengthened mobility program.

Iceland Welcome 2024
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On Monday, February 12th, Rennes 2 University’s International Office welcomed a group of 7 students from the University of Iceland (Reykjavík) to the Villejean campus for the beginning of an intensive language program that will last through Friday, February 23rd. The students will participate in close to 20 hours of French classes a week at the CIREFE, the Rennes 2 dedicated French-language learning center. The majority of those classes will include other international CIREFE students, with an additional 4 hours a week being devoted to a specific intensive course organized by CIREFE teacher Gil Prévost.

While here, the visitors are also participating in the launch week of the Espace des Langues – Rennes 2’s innovative new language space co-constructed by teachers and students. The Space aims to immerse students in the study, practice, experimentation or even research in the field of foreign languages. University of Iceland faculty member, François Heenen, who is accompanying the students, held a presentation on the Icelandic language and culture for the occasion.  In addition to this talk, Mr. Heenen will be participating in a research conference held by the LIDILE research center (Linguistics - Engineering - Language Didactics) on Monday, February 19th.

When not busy with their CIREFE classes, the Icelandic students are also taking part in a virtual-structured class with students of the Rennes 2 Master « Didactique des Langues » program. In order to take full advantage of this unique mobility program, the students will be also offered a variety of cultural activities in and around Rennes (Mont St. Michel, the Opera of Rennes, a guided visit of the historical center of Rennes, etc.). Once completed, the two-week intensive program will provide participants with 6 ECTS credits. 

This partnership between Rennes 2 and the University of Iceland was initiated by Associate Professor Ms. Griselda Drouet (Rennes 2 University, Languages Faculty, Master Didactics of Languages, LIDILE) and Adjunct Lecturer Mrs. Ásta Ingibjartsdottir (University of Iceland, Faculty of Languages and Cultures) and aims to bring Iceland and Brittany closer together, two distinct geographical areas and cultures which share many historical common points.