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35th CerLiCO international conference: Phrase and Rephrase: bis repetita ?

From 20 to 21 May
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The LIDILE research center of the Rennes 2 University is organizing the 35th CerLiCO conference "Phrase and Rephrase: bis repetita ?" on the Villejean campus, in the amphitheater of the T building. 

This colloquium will examine repetition, its parameters and variabilities, from a linguistic, translational and didactic point of view.

The LIDILE research center (Linguistics, Engineering, Language Teaching) will be using this opportunity to promote and reinforce three priority research axes during this event:

  • Axe 1: Linguistics Studies Observation, analysis and formalization of the specificities of oral language by focusing on all language phenomena that shed light on the notions of repetition and reformulation.
  • Axe 2: Translation and technical writing. Questioning about the effects of acceptability that the notion of repetition generates in both the source and the target language.
  • Axe 3: Language Teaching Priority given to the teaching and learning of French as a mother tongue (FMT) and French as a foreign language (FFL/FSL), but also of other languages


More information is available at: https://cerlico2022.sciencesconf.org/

See the interview with Griselda Drouet, Elisabeth Richard and Marie-Françoise Bourvon, teacher-researchers at LIDILE.