Type d'événement
Film Projection

Ciné Tambour: Beautiful Escapes

13 February
Contenu sous forme de paragraphes

The first part of the evening will feature a series of short films highlighting the uniqueness of surrounding landscapes. Whether documentary or fictional, they confront different points of view or the photographic medium in order to provide the viewer with a spectrum of vision as rich as it is varied.

The journey will then continue to Malian lands thanks to the incomparable Yeelen, signed Souleymane Cissé. A true spiritual pilgrimage, we follow the young Nianankoro, destined to cross Mali to escape his father's murderous desires. A landmark film in the history of African cinema, Yeelen is a direct reference to the initiatory journeys that populate our collective imagination, and another way of looking at filming a landscape, as an escape to regions that cinema constantly gives us to (re)discover with a new eye.

6pm: First set of short films

  • Sophie Ristelhueber, Paysages vus du train, Gilles Delavaud, 1985
  • Pierre de Fenoÿl, Paysages de campagnes Didier Deleskiewicz, 1985
  • Gabriele Basilico,  Le littoral d’Olivier Guitton, 1985
  • La Cabale des oursin, Luc Moullet, 1991
  • Le Tempestaire, Jean Epstein, 1947
  • Pour y rêver à mon aise, Mathilde Pin, Naïde Lancieaux et Camille Lotteau (Lycée Chateaubriand-Rennes), based on sounds and images by Jean Fraysse, 1979-2017

8:30 pm: Yeelen

Souleymane Cissé, 1987, Mali, 105 mn, DCP