Concert: Summer of 69

26 September

In this cultural year, the sixty musicians of the Melting Notes Orchestra invite you to join them for a Rennes 2 celebration.

Melting Notes
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Sets by: The Melting Notes

A Woodstock atmosphere and flower power!

Created in 2007, the orchestra is entering its thirteenth musical season at Le Tambour, a venue it knows well. Indeed, the Melting Notes Orchestra and the Cultural Office are long-standing partners. The two share the common objective of offering a cultural opening to as many people as possible.

Under the direction of Christian Bothe, the Melting Notes Orchestra will take you back in time, specifically the summer of1969. In the U.S., five hundred thousand people were at Woodstock, where songs that have become myths still resonate. You will find in particular the epic "Soul sacrifice" by Carlos Santana, the legendary "Tommy" by the Who, and the unavoidable "With a little help from my friends" by The Beatles covered by Joe Cocker.

With "Summer of 69", whether you are familiar with harmony music or not, the Melting Notes Orchestra ensure that your evening is a memorable one.

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