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Raising your head: Afro-descendence and self-esteem (Roundtable Discussion)

29 September
Helene Jayet
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Meeting with Hélène Jayet, artist-photographer, led by Sarah Ansari, Equality and Cultural Diversity Officer at the City of Rennes/Rennes Métropole and Stéphane Héas, Rennes 2 sociologist.

Hélène Jayet's work, which combines drawings and photography, questions colonial history and the arbitrary place attributed by societies to individuals. Hélène Jayet proposes an approach that resembles a performance. Her project "Colored Only - Chin Up!" includes both the photographic act but also the deployment of the photographic studio, the discussion with her subjects, always Afro-descendants, and the proposal, as a whole, to proudly raise one's head (chin up!) She plunges us into an African iconographic history that colonization has transformed into a series of acts of predation, and proposes an exit from above... By raising one's chin!

Please note: The exhibition "Colored Only - Chin Up!" by Hélène Jayet will be presented at the Chambre Claire from March 22 to May 31, 2021, on the occasion of "Rennes au pluriel", the rendezvous of equality and cultural diversity (May 2021).


Mardis de l'Egalité

This event is part of the Rennes 2 series of debates and discussions called les Mardis de l'Egalité (Equality Tuesdays), a series of monthly awareness conferences on equality issues.