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Exposition: Earth from Satellites

From 14 January to 22 February
Earth from Satellites

Image credit: Erwan Rivault - Madrid

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Exhibition by Erwan Rivault, Master 2 Geography student (remote sensing-environment).

The unique viewpoint of images acquired several hundred kilometers above our heads offers us a different perspective that translates into a more global vision. This constellation of satellites orbiting our planet produces a large quantity and diversity of images every day. Chosen in the right place at the right time, some images can provide a unique view of certain places. With this in mind, Erwan Rivault uses his training in remote sensing from Rennes 2 University, to create new images every day, which he then shares via Instagram. This exhibition is therefore a new step in the objective of providing the general public with popular scientific content based on spatial imagery. Echoing the spirit of the Travelling Festival, which is dedicating its new edition to world cities, this exhibition will present images of the cities honored by the Festival.

To see more of Erwan Rivault's images, rendez-vous on Instagram : @earthfromsatellites