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Exposition: Promenades Chinoises

From 7 September to 16 October
Promenades Chinoises
Contenu sous forme de paragraphes

A photography exposition by Zofia Jouhier.

Zofia Jouhier has recently finished her Master of General and Comparative Literature at Rennes 2. Within the framework of a bilateral convention, she went to China with three other students for one year, from Aug 2016 - July 2017. Their trip provided them with rare and remarkable moments in their student experience: offering them a complete change of environment and culture, as well as the pleasure of meeting and exchanging with students and residents... She explored China and its cities (Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and Xiamen) all the way through Hong Kong and Taiwan. Today, she shares with us pieces of these moments from her year spent halfway across the world. With her studies now completed, she hopes through her work to inspire others to leave, explore and learn.