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Festival Transversales, 9th edition: The Art of Writing

From 27 to 30 November
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For its 9th edition, the Transversales festival honors the art of writing! 

Come and meet us from November 27 to 30 for an edition that questions contemporary writing practices in the arts and literature: who writes, for whom, to express what and and why?

Transversales Festival

While it seems obvious that a writer writes, it is still today necessary to question what they write, at a pivotal time in which the very stakes of writing (its format, its relationship to the text and its materiality, its style) are changing and shifting.

And the writer is not the only one to write: filmmakers, directors, choreographers, composers, but also actors, musicians - in a word, artists - all practice forms of writing that can be observed, questioned and shared. What are the aims of these practices? What do they say about those who are responsible for them, but also about the arts they transcribe?

The festival will then seek to question the evolution of writing practices, in the light of the various media and technological innovations that have marked the last fifty years, as well as the place of writing - or even text - in society. The aims are to promote dialogue between the arts and to observe in particular the transfer of writing from one medium to another.

Find information on the program on this website. 


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