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International Meeting of Researchers in Literature Didactics

From 12 to 14 June
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This year's conference will focus on "Experience and sharing of the sensitive in literature teaching".

Researchers in different disciplines, teachers from kindergarten to university, students and anyone interested in the issues discussed at this conference are invited to attend without registration fees.

Long suspected of undermining the rational sharing of knowledge, what is considered as sensitive is now often accepted, even valued, in the social and media space, breaking with a tradition that placed the development of an objective, analytical and distant perspective at the heart of literary education. Until the late 1990s, the sensitive, reduced to the learner's sensitivity, was mainly considered incompatible with effective learning.

However, teaching theatre, poetry, eloquence, narrative tension, describing or writing, undoubtedly requires taking into account the sensitive body. It also calls for reflection on the links between the senses and meaning, between feeling it and saying it. The didactics of literature then appears as a privileged place for the study of the relationships between sensitivity, languages and knowledge.

More than seventy specialists from Algeria, Canada, England, Belgium, Brazil, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Morocco, Quebec, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, and others will meet at the Rennes 2's Villejean campus to review twenty years of research and develop didactic reflection towards the future.

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