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Mardi de l'égalité (Equality Tuesdays) - Artwork to be viewed with your hands: sensory accessibility in art

7 December
Sensory Arts
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With The Blind, street-artist, Eve Gardien, lecturer in sociology, Christine Bouëte, specialized teacher at the Angèle Vannier center, and Sylvie Ganche, in charge of public accessibility at the Champs Libres.

The Blind, an artist associated with the university's cultural season, transforms the sometimes exclusively visual dimension of street art by producing works "to be looked at with the hands". His Braille murals invite touching, but above all, they involve collaboration between individuals with sight and visually impaired individuals to locate and translate the messages on the walls.

Based on the artistic practice of The Blind, the guests of this round-table will discuss the issue of sensory accessibility to works of art and places of culture. How can we take into account the sensory differences of the public, and allow everyone to experience and share the emotions of encounters with artistic creation?