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Cultural Event

Online Escape game | Feminism explained to aliens

From 8 to 11 March
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Feminism Explained to Aliens  

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Cultural Office of Rennes 2 is reactivating this Escape Game! 

An Elden comes to visit planet Earth in order to find the crystals of feminism for its gallery, but what is feminism? An Elden doesn't know. In Eldenia, there is only one gender, so it needs your help to explain to other Eldens what Feminism is and what it means to humans. A journey of discovery for Elden and for you too: you will have to find six crystals of feminism for Elden to leave! Your gamemaster will be there to help you (or not). To thank you, you will be offered a trip to Eldenia! The only condition? Exchange your trip for the crystals that will be exhibited in its gallery.

This Escape Game was created by Sarah Dessaint and the Cultural Office of Rennes 2, in collaboration with Griselda Drouet and Elisabeth Richard for International Women's Day 2020. It was designed by Louann Perrot, Adèle Pellier, Claire Pérot, Laurent Rollot, Anyuli Pineda, under the coordination of Dolly Ramella.


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