Type d'événement

"Parler de foutre"

From 9 November to 6 April
Parler foutre
Contenu sous forme de paragraphes

(Talking about sex in the Middle Ages)

The Centre d’études des textes médiévaux - Center for the Study of Medieval Texts - (CETM), of the CELLAM research center of Rennes 2 University proposes, from October 13, 2022 to April 6, 2023, the first session out of 8 within the framework of the seminar " Parler de foutre ". 

Between 2022 and 2026, the CETM Seminar will focus on how medieval texts tell of sexual relations as an act involving the body. "Parler de foutre" (truncated title of the fabliau La demoiselle qui ne pooit oïr parler de foutre) focuses on the question of the word and the thing. 

How to say or not to say? Between taboo, ellipsis, metaphor and euphemism, how do the various medieval literary genres construct a poetics associated with the body, the sexual act or sexual practice?  What articulation between saying, doing, seeing and imagining? We will study the vocabulary, the metaphorical or narrative devices, and their place in the works and their generic characterization.