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Photo Exhibition: S’aimer tatouée

From 17 January to 4 March
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- Exhibition by Nathalie Kaïd

Nathalie Kaïd, photographer, visual artist, artistic director of the recycling plant ATELIER D'éco SOLIDAIRE and President of Sœurs d'Encre is a committed woman. Her own body modification has led her to the project "S'aimer Tatouée": exploring the relationship between women, their bodies and tattooing. "Madame-tout-le-monde can be very tattooed; she deserves not to be judged! After cancer, after the violence done to the body, the tattoo makes it possible to look at oneself again in the mirror, replacing tears by a smile". Tattoo artists, skilled with their needles, redraw the past and reveal the future. Since the publication of the book "S'aimer Tatouée" the association Sœurs d'Encre was born. In 4 years, it has enabled women to re-appropriate their bodies and put an end to the disease.

This exhibition is proposed in partnership with the journée d'étude: Normal body, ideal body? Socio-political stakes of making "non-standard" bodies visible, organized by doctoral students from PREFICS.